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How to use this website


Any new website can take a while to get to grips with, but once you follow this tutorial you should this site quick and easy to use. 


Logging into Landshare Canada

Log inIf you haven't already signed up to Landshare Canada, click 'Sign up' to get started. If you've already signed up, you just need to log in each time you visit the website. If you have forgotten your old password you can get an email sent out to you, which will allow you to set up a new password.  

Your Landshare details

Account detailsOnce you have logged into the site go to My stuff/My profile and you will see your account details. If you want to change any of your contact or personal details you can do this here and click on the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save your new profile details.

You could add something about yourself and your experience that people will see when they view your listing. You can write this in the profile description box and it will appear in your profile when other people search for you. This is not the place to describe the land that you have to offer, or the kind of land that you need - you can do that through a listing.

Want to register as a Landshare helper? Maybe you're already registered? You can now add more information to your profile description and select tags to define the sort of expertise you can offer others.

You can also let others know if you are happy to make site visits to Landshare plots in your area.

Groups and Organisations

If you're an organisation you can now have your own area on the website. Creating an organisation profile allows you to collate all your listings in one place, keep an organisation blog which any of your members can add to, list and manage all your events, and communicate with all your members online.

To create an organisation profile click here.

Alternatively, if you want to get together with growers in your area to create a community of growers and Landsharers, click here to start your own local group. You can also use groups to set up communities based on a particular interest or skill - a group for master composters, perhaps, or for people who rear pigs.


Creating a listing to offer or find land

Create listing on LandshareIt’s super-easy to join in the Landshare search yourself. Set up a listing and then others will be able to find you on the map and when they browse through listings in their area.

To do this:

Log in into the site, filling in your profile if you haven’t done so already.

Click on the ‘Create listing’ on the homepage (right) and choose either 'Find land' or 'Offer land'.

Give your listing a name, say where it is and then add a short description of the type of growing you are planning to undertake, or the type of land that you have available.

You can check for replies to your listing in My stuff area in your console. You will be notified by email every time you get a new offer or message. However, many email clients don't like automated emails, and send them straight to the junk mail folder or - worse - delete them completely! To make sure you receive notifications, add to your address book, and check your junk mail folder.

You can also see who is offering land in your area on the Landshare Canada map.

If you want to chat to anyone about their listing to grow or share land – send them a message via the INVITE TO GROW or APPLY TO GROW button.

When a landowner or grower gets in touch, have a chat - then see where it goes.

If you do decide to start Landsharing together, use our pro forma agreements and how-to guides in our toolkit to get started, and remember to go back to My Console to confirm that your listing is 'matched'.

Landshare map

Landshare mapUse the Landshare Canada map to search for growers, helpers or land near you. You can search the map by postcode, or enter the name of a town or city.

Owners, growers and helpers will be listed in order of distance from you. To see more results, click 'See all landowners' or 'See all growers' to search further afield.




Your Landshare console

Landshare consoleUse your Landshare console (right) to keep up-to-date with applications from growers and your communications with them.

Remember -  you do not have to accept the first applicant for your land.

It’s a big decision so take your time to find a match that is right for you.

Please note: once you accept a grower, you will need to confirm if your land is ‘matched’ or if part of it remains ‘active’ and you are looking for other growers. 

Share your stories

Want to spread the word about Landshare Canada and encourage more people to get growing their own?

You can start your own blog in the My Stuff area.

Log into the site and then go to My stuff/My blog. Click on ‘Create new post’; add a title and a short description of your blog and you’re away.

You can upload photos and video to the site to show others what you’ve been up to. And if you’re blogging elsewhere, you can link to that blog from here.

And we are always happy to help with any questions about the site. So if you are having problems with some of the new functionality, or you just can’t find something that you need, drop us a line.

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Donec vitae elit ipsum, id mollis justo. Vivamus egestas tristique ipsum ut rutrum. Nam nibh neque, lacinia eget adipiscing sed, viverra quis lectus.

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Donec vitae elit ipsum, id mollis justo. Vivamus egestas tristique ipsum ut rutrum. Nam nibh neque, lacinia eget adipiscing sed, viverra quis lectus.

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